Selling a home in Larchmont / Mamaroneck / Rye/ Harrison

Selling a home in Larchmont / Mamaroneck / Rye / Harrison: Once you decide to sell your Sound Shore home, it is important to remember it is no longer your home, it is a product to be marketed and presented with a sound strategy based on market dynamics, competition and strategic valuation. It must be looked at with the critical “buyer eyes”. The home becomes a commodity – with features and assets which need to be shown in their best possible light. You need to de-personalize it as much as possible, so that prospective buyers can visualize living in it.

Consider the exterior of your home first. The first impression from the street includes exterior condition of the structure and walkways and landscape. Is there a warm and inviting approach to the home to set the stage for excitement within? Inside, focus on room size and natural light. Remove any distractions and donate or sell items you don’t want to keep before putting your house on the market.

Organize the personal items you keep so as to help enlarge the feel of interior spaces. If things need tidying inside your closets or cabinets, take charge! Try to give the overall impression that there is ample storage. Pack up and store any fixtures, appliances and window treatments which you plan to exclude from the sale of your home. Replace heirlooms with suitable fixtures so as to avoid problems later.

Inspect your rooms for defects that can easily be fixed. If the faucet drips, have it fixed. If the paint needs patching, take action and make the repairs. If the window screens are torn; replace them and have the windows washed prior to listing the property for sale. If a fresh coat of paint will be of help to lighten and brighten the space, do it! Once you’ve organized and de-cluttered, repaired and freshened, it is time to make sure the house is as clean as possible on a regular basis. Make sure to remove any musty or stale odors in the house.

With attention to detail beforehand, a great impression can be achieved and you should assure a substantial edge over your competitors. Selling a home is a major undertaking. But with my guidance and expertise, the “staging” process involved in pre-marketing becomes easy. Living in a home is very different than marketing and selling home. The suggestions that I will offer are key to a successful sale in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye and Harrison.

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